Acacia acinacea is a small to medium shrub that is found in south-eastern South Australia, most of Victoria and southern NSW. Phyllodes are small, elliptic with. Name, Sources, Status. gold-dust acacia, Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), Unknown, uBio, Trusted. Gold-dust Wattle, Integrated Taxonomic. Common names. Gold-dust Wattle, Gold-dust Acacia, Round-leaved Wattle. Scientific names. Acacia acinacea, Acacia rotundifolia. Family. Mimosaceae. Genus.

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Callitris enderlicheri, Black Cypress and C. Lythrum salicaria, Purple Loosestrife. Eucalyptus boliviana, Bolivia Hill Stringybark.

Elaeocarpus reticulatus, Blueberry Ash. About us Who we are. Hypocalymma angustifolium, White Myrtle. Billardiera scandens, Apple Dumplings. Acacia pycnantha, Golden Wattle. This is when this species lives up to its common name. Overview This acscia a medium sized shrub with a straggly and rather unruly growth habit.


Early Dec to mid Feb.

Acacia acinacea syn A. Grevillea scortechinii, Black Grevillea. Pods are linear, up to 50 millimetres long and curled. Eucalyptus acinace, Blue Box. Melaleuca incana, Grey Honey-myrtle. Coronidium elatum, White Everlasting Daisy. Prostanthera rotundifolia, Round-leaf Mint Bush. Acacia cultriformis, the Knife-leaf Wattle.

Acacia acinacea

Fiddler Beetle Eupoecila australasiae. Acacia granitica, Granite Wattle. King Parrots Alisterus scapularis. Correa glabra, Rock Correa. Conostylis aculeata, Prickly conostylis. Acacia linifolia, White or Flax-leaved Wattle.

Acacia caesiella, Tablelands Wattle. Eucalyptus olsenii, Woila Gum. Melaleuca radula, Graceful Honey-myrtle. Climbers Billardiera cymosa, Sweet Apple Berry. Boronia crenulata, Aniseed Boronia.

Gold-dust Wattle

Melichrus urceolatus, Urn Heath. Melaleuca thymifolia, Thyme-leaf Honey-myrtle.

Melaleuca cardiophylla, Umbrella Bush. Solanum aviculare, Kangaroo Apple. Acacia calamifolia, Reed-leaf Wattle. Common Names Gold Dust Wattle.

Natural populations

Acacia cardiophylla, Wyalong Wattle. Processional Caterpillars Ochrogaster lunifer. Thelychiton Dendrobium kingianum, Pink Rock Orchid. Hakea orthorrhyncha, Bird-beak Hakea. Pruning after flowering is beneficial.

Acacia acinacea – Wikipedia

Melaleuca fulgens, Scarlet Honey-myrtle. Frost and drought tolerant. Myoporum viscosum, Sticky Boobialla. Potamogeton tricarinatus, Floating Pondweed. We have specimens that are over ten years old in our cold climate garden. Wurmbea dioica, Early Nancy.