Elyn Saks is a success by any measure: she’s an endowed professor at the prestigious University of Southern California Gould School of Law. She has. NPR coverage of The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness by Elyn R. Saks. News, author interviews, critics’ picks and more. “The Center Cannot Hold should be read by anyone interested psychiatric hospital. Saks would later attend Yale Law School ELYN R. SAKS. liJHYPERIONI.

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Our family ate its meals together, and although my mother didn’t cook cannpt a housekeeper did, and in time, my father took it up, and excelled at itthere was always cake in the pantry albeit store-boughtfresh fruit in the fridge, and clean laundry in our closets. Hardcoverpages. I’ve read many books by people who have bipolar disorder and some by parents of people with schizophrenia but this was my first book written by someone who has schizophrenia.

She assumes the role of educator and advocate.

However, her insistence on always having been the best at everything, ever “I was valedictorian. In this memoir, Saks recounts her life as, on the one hand, a highly successful individual, and on the other, someone who repeatedly cycled through a series of breakdowns as she Elyn Saks is a law professor at University of Southern California Law School and a psychiatry adjunct at University of California School of Medicine.

We’d often start that day all piled up in their big bed together, snuggling and tickling and laughing. This book, a first-hand account of the world of a schizophrenic, presents a thought-provoking, unique, and touching story that relies heavily on an open mind, one which is willing to accept that a mental illness is not what defines hld, but makes up a small piece of who you are.

That was always the theory, or at cannog the excuse.

WAGblog: The Center Cannot Hold — Reflections on a book

saaks She probably intends to imbue each incident with the same emotional value, to showcase her normality along with her abnormality. Her push for broader emotional therapies for the mentally ill in tandem with pharmacological treatment as opposed to the solely pharmacological approach found too often in the US is powerful and, with luck, will change cener minds of medical professionals.


Under that pleasant surface, however, things were more complex, as family matters inevitably are. But at no point does she assume that this is possible for everyone struggling with mental illness, nor does she encourage professionals to hold other clients to these standards.

And I fessed up to my fear to my brother Warren when the two of us were at home alone, and we tried our best to reassure each other-together, we’d muster up our courage hlod go see if someone was indeed standing just outside the front door. It is a beautifully told narrative that took me into the mind of a woman struggling to live her life in a meaningful way. Holx Journey Through Madness. I’ve been taking care of myself for five years now.

For a while in high school, I worked at a candy counter at a local movie house-“Would you also like a Coke with that?

Schizophrenia Explained: The Center Cannot Hold by Elyn R. Saks (Book Review)

Now, as a professor at USC she is a leading expert in mental health law. A truly eye-opening book. A Tale of Mental Illness. I felt downright disagreeable at times! Given its strong emphasis on academics, impostor syndrome, and mental illness, this book is valuable for students.

We are not lazy, we are not stupid or dull or willful, we fight to get through each and every day, no matter how hard that is. I was angry and confused with her throughout a large portion of the book. No disrespect is intended; however, I wanted to give you my perception in response to your blog entry re: It didn’t take long, though, to decide that I didn’t like movies that were scary or nold movies were out, and Clint Eastwood’s Play Misty for Mewith its crazy woman stalker, freaked me out for weeks.

I wonder if it is still popular today? March 18, at 8: If you broke a leg and needed a crutch, would you refuse to take it? Of the many books I’ve read independently, this book is definitely one that was worth reading. This book has really enabled me to s This book presented the story of one person’s battle cxnnot mental illness, but I found that I could connect with the author on so many levels.


This is the result of the cannoh numbers of memoirs dealing with various types of abuse eelyn childhood and various degrees of subsequent transcendence. Your points are valid. No core holds things together, providing the lens through which to see the world, to make judgments and comprehend risk.

People tend to make assumptions based off of out dated notions of what mental illness is and is not and in turn feed into the stigma canhot mental health disorders. Retrieved on December 31,from https: I’m not really sure if what I’m saying flyn writing is what I really feel or think, or is just done to fulfill the expectations of my audience, or echoing someone else’s ideas that I might like at that particular moment but may not be in alignment with my fundamental beliefs.

From the riveting opening, Saks moves back in time to her childhood, where we begin to catch glimpses of her mental illness. As for Kevin, there were enough years between cennter that for a long time I thought of him as my child.

What is wrong with this picture?

The Centre Cannot Hold (My Journey Through Madness)

Kudos to Elyn for bravely telling her story. The point is to be compassionate instead of judgmental whenever possible. These messages were able transcend the topic of mental illness speaking truthfully about the human condition so that anyone can learn from them.

So take it all with a grain of celery salt or sel de mer, and if I seem sour, take it with a spoonful of sugar. If you feel like sending me your own reviews or opinions, I will put them up on my next blog page if you give me permission.

I’ll get fired on the spot as I’ve been four times in past jobsbut with always with compassion after all, I always manage to turn out excellent work and my departure is always viewed as a waste of talent.

Cheers, Chris Posted by: